Common pitfalls in trading options!

If you read my previous articles, you may be confused why there are so many people still losing money if trading options can be very conservative. Let me compile a list of contributing factors of losing money in trading Continue reading “Common pitfalls in trading options!”


Probability of trading/investing success and the probability of sighting the Northern Lights

After spending 2 weeks in Norway chasing Northern Lights and savoring one of best panoramic scenic view in life, I am back to action again! I am also glad that I managed to complete few books and magazines throughout the long haul flights, did some deep thinking apart from indulging into Norwegian’s culture and great nature.
I believe many knows that viewing Northern Lights is by chance/luck and there is no 100% certainly of seeing it at any specific night. We can however increase the odd by choosing a better location, say Tromso, Norway, rather than Finland or Sweden, engaging an experience local guide, selecting the month/year that provide higher probability of viewing, etc. All the above can definitely increase the chances of viewing but it still does not guarantee a successful viewing. Hence, are we still going to take the chance to view Northern Lights by knowing all these? I believe the answer is yes for many people as this is definitely one of the bucket list of many I presume. Why? Because the reward of getting to view and capture it in live is just astounding!

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Trading/investing and metaphysic science

While waiting to check in a hotel in Tromso, Norway, I would like to do a short post against something that I ponder during the journey. I believe those who have been in the trading/investing business for long should understand the concept of letting profit run and cutting losses fast (extremely important for short term trader but not too crucial for long term value investor). Continue reading “Trading/investing and metaphysic science”

Holding a great value stock and win, win, win in any circumstances!

It has been almost a week since my last post, mainly due to my hectic business travel to Taiwan over the past couple of days. There is one incident which I would like to share with the readers, which I felt quite inspiring, is the street singers that I came across on my way to Elite Bookstore after having my dinner in Taipei 101. They sang pretty well and I believe they deserve a bigger platform for them to showcase their talent. Nevertheless, they Continue reading “Holding a great value stock and win, win, win in any circumstances!”

Trading Options is more conservative than value investing!

When we talk about value investing, we must mention the world class great investor Warren Buffett. The idea of value investing is basically picking up stocks with great fundamental by studying the company financial statement, understanding the company business, management, competitive advantages, growth etc. and value the company to gauge if the company is undervalue. Continue reading “Trading Options is more conservative than value investing!”

Options fundamental – continue …

~If there is one thing we should wish for our children, it is to become an optimist. If there is one thing we should teach our children, it should be trading/investing.~
The first phrase is quoted by Daniel Kahneman, while the 2nd phrase is by me :). Trading/investing is both art and science which can benefit us whole-life if we do it correctly, be it a profession or a hobby.

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