S&P500 ETF (SPY) trade – Update #3 (final!)

I mentioned SPY Bull Put Credit Spread trade on 20 Dec 2015 with two updates on 21Dec and 25Dec.

If you follow this trade, I hope you have adopted the suggestion posted on 25Dec, which is to take profit and move on to the next trade. However, if you still hold on to this position, you don’t need to worry as well.

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Trading/investing – a game of probability?

When I mention trading is a game of probability, no one seems to disagree. However when I say investment is also a game of probability, not many seems to be convinced. Dividend, growth and value investors may speak with conviction that they are buying into a business, not exchanging papers and they are not speculating for a quick bucks etc. yup that’s true and while I do agree that buying a wonderful business at fair price is a good investment mantra, I still look at it from a different angle – a game of probability. Do allow me to explain.

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