The Intelligent Option Investor

I came across this book and a quick flipped through suggest my earlier post of using options to enhance yields and protect gains of value stocks are aligned with the core idea of this book. I will complete it by next week and update great points in this blog!


Entering Options Strategy (Bull Put Credit Spread)

A lot of friends approached me and asked what is the best options strategy to deploy if he/she intend to start trading options with USD5k-10k capital? My answer is trading credit spread (bull spread or bear spread or combination of both). Trading credit spread is entirely different from few strategies that I shared in my earlier post. There is no concept Continue reading “Entering Options Strategy (Bull Put Credit Spread)”

Insurance is important to us, how about insurance for our stocks/portfolio?

Buying options to protect a stock is like buying insurance to protect ourselves. Options is very similar to insurance. When we buy an options, we are acting as the insurance policy owner. We pay premium to the insurance company Continue reading “Insurance is important to us, how about insurance for our stocks/portfolio?”