Happy New Year!

It is a bit late to greet everyone a happy new year! The first 2 weeks has been very hectic for me, mainly due to my work commitment, business traveling as well as spending some quality time reading, trading and organizing my thoughts. Browsing through the articles that I have written over the past few months, there are still a lot of ideas and techniques which I will be sharing over the next few months/years.

The first 2 weeks of the new year has been tough for many retail investors. Crude Oil price has sinked below $30 per barrel, DOW and S&P also dropped the most if compare to the historical data. However, for Options traders/investors, we should either minimize the lose or we would even make some good profit during these period.

In the next few weeks of this brand new year, I will complete the spread trade repair strategies. I will also share my thoughts on how I would strategize my portfolio position base on my current bearish outlook of the financial market (in technical term, how to skew my delta neutral position into a slightly bearish position). I will also share the market outlook from metaphysic perspective.

Stay tune, have fun in 2016 and may the ‘options’ be with you! Cheers!


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