Real Deal – Feb 2016 #2 (USO – Rollover Covered Call)

In order to explain the trade that I intend to enter today, I would need to show my previous position in USO (US Oil ETF). The below screenshot illustrates my existing position:-

In brief, on 15 Jan 2016,  I bought USO underlying stock 100 units @ $8.805 and I subsequently sold USO Call Options (detail in the screenshot) @ $0.33.

Fast forward to today, 17 Feb 2016 (after 1 month from the trade entry), the stock price is trading at $8.47. Now, let’s look at the position un-realized P&L.


It shows -$2.00. Isn’t it cool? 🙂 Imagine if I do not add options to my position, I would be down $33.50 ([$8.47 – $8.805] *100 ) vs now merely down $2.


If you are observant, you should have noticed that my USO Call Options is going to expire in 2 Days and it is now trading at $0.015.

What I intend to do now is to close this position and open a new positions with longer duration to capture more premium. This will subsequently reduce my cost base in USO.


Alright, this is what I have just done! I hit and sell at bid price @ $0.42 (lazy to wait much longer as I am blogging this, in normal circumstances, I would sell at mid price and wait for the market to fill my order).

With this adjustment, my USO cost base now is $8.075  ($8.805 – $0.33 + $0.02 buy back – $0.42).

I will update the position again :). Have a nice day!

Disclaimer: This is just for educational purpose only and not a recommendation.


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