Real Deal – Feb 2016 #1 (AAPL – Bull Put Spread)

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Last year was a great year to me and I hope this year will be another fantastic year!

Though this is a festive session, I never stop reading, listening, discussing market news, commentaries, as well as options trading/investing. I always believe that trading the market will make us young. 🙂

I will start sharing my live trade in my real account with my commentary.

Feb 2016 #1 (AAPL – Bull Put Spread)
Enter AAPL Bull Put Spread, 36 DTE and capture $1.10 ($110 per options contract) premium. Options detail as per the screenshot below.

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Options Chains

It is very important to understand the options chain and let’s deep dive into few of the important information that we can gather from this options chain.

1. AAPL – this is a ticker, represents the stock that we are keen to trade

2. Last Price of the AAPL – it shows $95.42, the price that AAPL stock is traded at the time of snapshot.

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