Performance in Feb-Mar 2016 (Mar 16 Expiration)

Today is Mar 2016 Monthly Equity Options Expiration Friday. My result as per below:-

Performance in Feb-Mar 2016 (Mar 16 Expiration)

  1. SPY Bear Call Spread: +$13 per contract. +4.2% in 16 days.
  2. WYNN Bear Call Spread: +$27 per contract. +8.8% in 10 days.
  3. WMT Calendar Spread: +$680 per contract. +11.6% in 4 months
  4. AAPL Bull Put Spread: +$70 per contract. +17.95% in 7 days
  5. XLE Bear Call Spread: $118 per contract in 29 days.

All trades are blogged and you can refer here for detail.

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