Performance in Apr-May 2016 (May 2016 Expiration)

Yesterday was May 2016 Monthly Equity Options Expiration Friday. It has been a wonderful month for me without a single loss! Is it really a 100% winning rate and I am so accurate in identifying the direction of the market/stocks that I traded? Nope. No one can predict the future but everyone can take charge of it! If you look at my #4 AAPL trade, I was wrong but option repair strategy has given me a second chance to salvage my position and turn it into a wining position! Do click on the link below if you are keen to understand the thought behind the repair strategy.

My result as per below:-

Performance in Apr-May 2016 (May 2016 Expiration)

  1. SPY Bear Call Spread: +$170 per contract. Return on Margin (ROM) +51.5% in 33 days.
  2. GS Bear Call Spread: +$105 per contract. ROM +26.6% in 32 days.
  3. FB Earnings Play: +$285 per contract. ROM +36.3% in 1 day
  4. AAPL Bull Put Spread (with repair): +$46 per contract. ROM +31.7% in 7 days

You can refer the all original trades here and AAPL repair strategy here.

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Do drop me an email or comment if you like the way I trade. It is a stressless lifestyle trading method! Have a great weekend!


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