A great milestone achieved!

Yesterday marked a great achievement as my option trading account grew > 100% since June 2016 (in 5 months) ! I started a small account and use the strategies that I shared in this blog such as credit/debit spread, double diagonal, covered call, poor man covered call to achieve this result. I traded stocks, ETF and Futures options. As this is a small account (< USD100k), I can take advantage of liquidity and agile in sizing my trade position. However, the main point here is that trading option can be profitable and sustainable if you do it correctly.

Let’s examine the duration from Brexit to today (27 Jun to 31 Oct), SPY up around 7% while my portfolio up around 50% in the same duration.

Do consider to learn option trading and add option trading into your portfolio. The return is greater and it is safer. Have fun!



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