Weekly Review 11 – 15 Jun 2018 (Stock, Gold, Crude Oil markets)

S&P 500 futures formed a weekly doji after hitting the short term resistance at 2806. The index is expected to linger around this level with higher probability to the upside.  Continue reading “Weekly Review 11 – 15 Jun 2018 (Stock, Gold, Crude Oil markets)”


Greatest trade yet in 2017!

This is one of my favorite trade in 2017 which I would like to share. It may not be the trade that makes the highest return but it is definitely a great example trade to show how I maneuver to flip a losing trade into a winning trade in style. As always options gives us a second chance to be profitable. Continue reading “Greatest trade yet in 2017!”

Another biggest movement since Brexit!

Another greatest event is going to happen and the world is watching closely the US presidential election, 10 days away and would it be Hillary or Trump? I have no idea but what has been the most dramatic moment is the development of the event which is unprecedented in the US history. It begins with the nomination of Trump to the re-opening investigation against Hillary.  Continue reading “Another biggest movement since Brexit!”